Should be more than 18
Mention who did/where the registration fee payment was done
1. I am aged 18 years and above and I have attained the legal age of majority.
2. The submission of the videos to the Contest will be considered to be an acknowledgment of the contest rules and regulations.
3. The amount of Rs.500/- paid as registration fee submitted along with the online application for Travelogue Contest is non-refundable under any circumstances.
4. This Travelogue Contest is sponsored by ‘Popular Vehicles and Services Ltd’ and organized and promoted by Budget Lab Productions (hereinafter refereed jointly as “Organisers”).
5. Any copyright/ IP violations shall be the responsibility of the participant and I indemnify the Organisers against any claims on such copyright/ IP violations in the video uploaded by me for the Contest.
6. During the course of the Contest, if I do not follow the rules & regulations defined by the Organisers or do not adhere to the timelines set, the Organisers shall have the right to reject my candidature and the decision would remain final.
7. It is the responsibility of the Contestant to check his mailbox (Inbox/Junk folders) regularly.
8. Organizers will not be responsible if the Contestant miss out on checking emails that might carry important updates.
9. The decision taken by the Jury or Organisers during eliminations and while deciding WINNER’s of the contest, would remain final.
10. Organizers have the right to change schedule/dates for shortlisting Contestants and announcing WINNERs of the contest.
11. Once the video is submitted for the contest, the ownership and rights on the video remains with Popular Vehicles and Services Ltd.
12. The Contestants shall not make any comments/statements in public (over Visual, Print or Social media) that would negatively affect Organisers reputation. If any such comments/statements are made and if am found guilty, Organisers reserves all rights to take legal action against the Contestant.
13. The Organisers reserves the right to upload and exhibit the winning entry videos on this website for marketing and promotional purpose for future similar contests.
14. Only selected videos will be intimated by email. No letter of non-acceptance will be sent. All list will be available in Budget Lab Productions website.
15. Once selected, video cannot not be withdrawn from the contest.
16. That the information provided in the Application Form is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.