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murali muralishyammurali muralishyam
19:14 19 Mar 23
Happy to be one of the top 15 contestants of Season 6 short film production contest. Good experience...
Bin TajBin Taj
11:37 14 Mar 23
Budgetlab is the best way to find upcoming film makers. Thanks to budget lab,❤️ I am proud to be a season 6 final contestant, and I am waiting for the crown.
Ananthu ThilakanAnanthu Thilakan
12:23 11 Mar 23
I'm glad to have an opportunity to narrate my short film script to budget lab productions as one of the top 15 finalists of Malayalam short film contest.The opportunity is considerable for aspiring filmmakers, which is favourable for their careers. I thank Budget Lab Productions for this good time and wish them the best on this occasion.
Hena ChandranHena Chandran
06:26 08 Mar 23
I have been participating in the production contest since season 3 i guess. It's always a pleasure and energetic experience to talk to them who are very passionate and enthusiastic about cinema. Being the finalist of season 6 is very much encouraging to me. Thanks to all those associated with budget lab productions especially Mr.Nishanth for the encouraging words and making a home maker like me believe that I can dream big.
Abilash GeorgeAbilash George
13:03 07 Mar 23
Budget Lab provides an excellent platform for budding writers and directors. People with good stories and screenplays can send them to Budget Lab's yearly contest where they will sort out the best ones for production. I watched all their productions so far and could find that each of the works ensured quality. That is why I decided to send my script to the Season 6 contest, and I am proud to say that I have been selected as one of the top 15 finalists this time. I am very much satisfied with their selection process and am so excited to work with them. It's pure bliss talking and working with like-minded people. They have already finished their first movie, and I am eagerly awaiting its release. Aspiring filmmakers like myself are very grateful to this team for the opportunity, and we wish Budget Lab good luck for the future seasons and movie productions.
16:48 24 Feb 23
I am one of the top 15 contestant in season 6 so that I can definitely tell that, the team budgetlab opens an amazing opportunity of shortfilm production to the common people which focus only on the quality of the story. We can watch it in their short films itself in the previous seasons.We have various workshops on different aspects of film production which starts and ends in days to months or years. But getting an opportunity like this is very rare and it should be appreciated. So I would like to thank team budget lab for this wonderful contest and look forward...
jojin varghese johnjojin varghese john
06:23 23 Feb 23
Budgetlab is an awesome opportunity for aspiring filmmakers.Really a wonderfull platform which focus on nourishing upcoming talents.Really glad to be part of the contest and feeling super awesome to be one of the 15 finalists. Waiting to crack that , and tell my story to a wide range of audiences.Nowadays everyone out there knows about camera , Editing or making a videos etc. So be a entertaining story teller one have to master in these.Budget lab contest is not merely a contest. Rather than it focus on developing the skills, which requires to be film maker.The pre-planning requirements for the contest makes the filmmakers to be well prepared.So guys out there.... This is your chance.. ... don't miss this.... hope Budgetlab will continue supporting shortfilm makers, eventhough they're venturing into bigscreen.
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